Intimo Obsessed


What women (and men I suppose) don't appreciate nice lingerie! I have been buying Intimo for YEARS! For those of you who don't know what Intimo is, it is a world class Lingerie brand targeted at women of all ages, shapes and breast sizes. Whether you're a 30A or a 46G, Intimo lingerie is crafted to enhance your natural figure (and their fabrics are absolute heaven!!!!!)

I have been lucky enough to have shot 2 campaigns for this amazing brand. The last campaign we shot was last week and it was so amazing that I wanted to share it with you all. We shot down on the coastal suburb of Lorne at the most beautiful location house.

Ocean House Lorne by Rob Mills

inside lrona 3.jpg

We shot for 2 full days and stayed in Lorna at the location house. My bed was the round one above (how amazing!!!!). There is something really fun about when you get to go away for work especially when the people you are away with are al SOOO nice. The intro girls and I all had such a good time. The first night I arrived we drank champagne, ate noodle box and chatted over some chocolate! Work??? I know right haha! 

The first day we had H&M at 8am and we starting shooting at 10am. We shot in Lorne across from our house on the beach all day, luckily the sun was out and shining for us! There are so many nice spots down there and the clothes I was wearing suited the location PERFECTLY. The second day we utlitsed the beautiful house we were staying at and pretty much used every angle of the house. I can't remember the exact number of pictures we took all up but I remember on the last day, before lunch and NOT including the day before, we had taken 4000 photos. Fair to say my cheeks were sore!

I am so excited for the release of this campaign but we have to wait until February for all the pictures! In the mean time, here and some BTS pictures from those 2 days and also a few pictures from the first campaign I shot with them!


Brooke Hogan