Over the past month I have been working with Swisse on their campaign #SWISSEBODYBEAUTIFUL. This campaign was all about information and tips to promote INNER and OUTTER beauty.

I have always been quite a healthy person when it comes to food as I like to make sure my body is receiveing the right vitamins and nutrients it needs. As my job is quite full on & I travel a lot, it is so easy to fall off the bandwagon! After an hour long conversation with Swisse Naturopath CheryI, I was overloaded with amazing information about what Vitamins and products would be suited for me and my body. I have been taking these products for over a month now and I LOVE them. Heres are two of my faves.

Liver Detox
I now take multiple vitmains every day (which are listed below) but one of my favourites is the ‘Swisse Liver detox’.  This vitamin helps with my digestion & is great for those days when I’m feeling a little bloated. I take 2 x liver detox tablets every morning and wash them down with my fave smoothie

Manuka Honey Face mask
Ever since I was a little girl I always loved doing face masks. Anytime I had a sleepover with a friend it would be the first on our to-do list! Even now after I have had a big day or a big week one of my favourite things to do is to relax and put on a fask mask. A friend recommended me to use the Swisse Manuka Honey Face Mask and I love it. It leaves my skin feeling cleanses, fresh and revitalised.


Here is a list of the Vitamins I take everyday: (click the link if you want to purchase)
Swisse  Women’s  Power  Ultivite:  1  tablet  daily,  in  the  morning,  with  food   
Swisse  Ultiboost  Curcumin:  1  tablet  daily  
Swisse  Ultiboost  Liver  Detox:  2  tablets  daily  
Swisse  Ultiboost  Magnesium:  2  tablets  daily  
Swisse  Ultiboost  Relax  and  Sleep:  2  tablets  daily,  30-­60  minutes  before  bed
Swisse  Ultiboost  High  Strength  Organic  Vitex:  1  tablet  daily  (at  the  same  time  each  day)




Brooke Hogan