Ultimate Festival Style Guide

I recently answered a Q&A all things festival related with MTV! See below for the full interview!


Haven't you heard? MTV Beats and Eats festival is TWO DAYS away which means it's time to fuel up the car and pack your bags for the Gong.

...But what to wear?

Luckily, model and all-round Insta bae Brooke Hogan knows what's up when it comes to festival trends. We recently had a chin wag with the natural beauty to get all her festival season fashion tips.

Can you describe your personal style?

"My style is always quite simple but it does change a lot depending on where I am going or what I am doing. I LOVE putting on a dress nad a pair of heels but then again I love to chuck on my Docs or sneakers with an oversized hoodie. One thing that is consistent with my style is that I wear a lot of black!"

What's your favourite festival trend?

Jewellery, as it can completley change up your outfit. Layer your necklaces and chokers, chuck on a pair of cool earrings, decorate your fingers with rings, or do all three. Jewellery is the best way to MAKE your outfit."

What's your least favourite festival trend?

"I don't know with this one as every person's style is different and what one girl might wear compared to what I would wear would be completely different but I can still appreciate a person's individual style!"

"If I had to choose one trend I would never personally try, it'd be wearing bathing suits as clothing. A bather top layered with something cool over the top is fine but bather BOTTOMS as pants is a no from me!"

What do you reckon is the biggest hair trend this festival season?

"Braids for festivals always looks great in my opinion. Last year the double top bun situation was really popular, I think this year it could be the same!"

What do you reckon the biggest makeup trend is this festival season?

"When I think festival, I think Coachella and when I think Coachella makeup style I think of minimal or natural makeup and more of a focus on the hair!"

"If you're going to go all out, I'd say maybe some glitter or some small temporary tattoos or diamantes on your face. It's such a long day and often hot outside, so the last thing you want is a face full of makeup to make you feel uncomfortable."

What should you carry in your festival bag?

"Not a whole lot. You don't want to carry around a heavy bag all day as it will weigh you down while you're dancing! I would take my phone (of course) and possibly even a backup charger and some lipstick!"

What performer would you kill to see at a festival?


"I'm a bit of an R&B girl so I'd LOVE to see Drake but then, I've seen many videos of Calvin Harris live and it looks epic, so I might have to say Calvin!"

"I'm going to Coachella next year and they haven't released the line up yet so hopefully one of the two will be there!"

Which celebrity's festival style do you admire the most?

"Kendall Jenner, hands down."

Any favourite festival fashion brands?

"Just go online and filter through, you want to wear something no one else is wearing so steer clear of your everyday shops."

"In saying that, Sportsgirl always has great jewellery for festivals and it's reasonably priced, so I'd say head there for accessories. Another goodie is to raid your mum's (or dad's) wardrobe to see if you can find any cool old school items you might want to wear."

"I just pulled out an old Harley Davidson tee from my dad's wardrobe that I'm wearing to my next festival!"


Brooke Hogan