How I got into modelling & a few tips!

I have been asked quite a few times how I got into modelling so I thought I’d do a little blog to give you guys some insight into how it happened and some tips! If you like this kind of post- I'd appreciate if you left me a comment and let me know:)!

SO! I have been modelling on and off since I was 16 years old. I was scouted when I was 14 at a shopping centre, but at the time I wasn’t ready to follow through with it. A few years passed and I did my very first photo shoot when I was 16 for my mum’s friends clothing brand ‘Leonard St’. (photos in the reel below). After doing 2 shoots close together and being in a magazine for them, my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to enter the TV show ‘Make Me A Supermodel’. I went to Sydney and got down to the top 20 (this is the show that Shanina Shaik won). After not getting through the next round, I came home. I signed with a modelling agency called ‘Cameron’s’ models (no longer around). Because I was still at school & my parents didn't want me to miss out on too much school- I wasn’t modelling much. After a few months of not really working, I decided to leave Cameron’s.

By now I was around 17/18 and along with my mums help, I managed myself for a little while. I shot a few campaigns for Ozmosis & I modelled for Cotton On at their Head Office in Geelong 3-5 times a week for around a year. I was working part time in retail as well as modelling and unfortunately I had a few experiences within the modelling world where I wasn’t sure if this was the right path. Based on a few personal decisions, I decided to give modelling a break! I stopped modelling for around a year, worked in admin at a car dealership. Very quickly, I realised I had made a mistake and how much I loved and missed modelling!

Around 20 I was working in retail for Lona Jane, modelling a little on the side and decided to apply for Australia’s Next Top Model Season 8. I was lucky enough to be selected. It was an incredible experience that I believe truely kick started my modelling career. I was away for 7 weeks and learnt so much about myself and the modelling world. I ended up leaving 10th in the competition. I came home after living in Sydney with the rest of the crew and I was signed immediately after the show with IMG models worldwide. Shortly after signing with IMG, I realised it wasn't the right fit for me and made the decision to move to Vivien’s Models who are still my current agency! In my opinion, the connection between your booker/manager is so important and I am so lucky to have such a close relationship with my amazing management team.

I have been with Vivien’s for 4 years & have shot with some amazing local and international brands. I travelled to London for the first time in 2015 where I lived there for 4 months, I signed with Storm Models in London and I worked for the entire time, I shot some big campaigns and worked all over Europe. In the time I was there, I also visited Germany where I was signed with PMA Models. Last year, In 2016 I went back to Europe for another go, this time for 3 months, where I again, it was really successful and I worked a lot!

For me 2017 is all about working with my Vivien’s team to focus on expanding my modelling career and stepping out of my comfort zone! I have been modelling for 9 years on and off and I have been so lucky to work all over the world and for incredible brands. 2017 is about setting new goals and taking the next step in my career.



1.     Do your research. Find the best agencies in your country/city and go meet with them. You may go to 2/3/4/5 meetings, that’s okay. See them and make sure you are happy and trust the people you are signing with.

2.     Don’t get yourself to down and don’t take things to heart. As you can see from above, I had SO many times where I either wasn’t sure what I wanted or I was told no. Pick yourself up and get back on that horse! It’s definitely not easy but it’s worth it.

3.     Be you. Don’t change yourself to suit others, don’t say or do things you don’t believe in. Don’t do ANYTHING that doesn’t resinate with YOU as a person and your values and beliefs

4.     Be aware. Have your wits about you, especially being overseas and in unfamiliar places. My mum taught me to always be on my A-game and it is 100% necessary, don't trust anyone you don't know. Do your research on random emails from ‘photographers’- you never know who is contacting you. Social media is a scary place and you have to be so careful.

5.   Finally, enjoy the ride, have fun and believe in yourself!


PS. THESE PHOTOS ARE SO OLD. Can't stop laughing  (insert crying laughing emoji)


Brooke Hogan