In love with the Maldives

From the moment I arrived I was literally lost for words. This place was like nothing I had ever seen before. If you follow my instagram stories, I apologise for the 24/7 posting of beautiful Maldives pictures! The Maldives is exactly what it looks like in pictures. The water is fluroecent blue and crystal clear, the sand is beaming white and so clean just like it is on the postcards. This was a work trip that did not feel like work at all and I feel so extremely lucky to have be selected by Italian swimwear brand Reina Olga, to go on this 6 day 'working holiday'.

We were there for 6 jam packed busy days so I am not going to even attempt to write about all of it... 1. because I am definitely not a writer and 2. there is just way to much to type into one blog and I genuinely wouldn't even know where to start. One thing I have to say is that if you haven’t been to the Maldives or have been thinking about going YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. Yes it is quite an expensive holiday destination but in my opinion, it is so worth it. 

We visited Four Seasons Kuda Hurra, Four Seasons Laanda & Four Seasons private island. Look at how stunning they are!

Every moment of our trip was spent making the most of the paradise we were in.

We got up early in the morning to shoot in the beautiful sunrise light and followed it up with going crazy at the breakfast buffet every morning. (I actually think one of my favourite part of holidays' are breakky buffets haha!). After breakfast we would shot some more, swim, eat, and shoot some more. We cruised around on jet ski's, did stand up paddle board yoga, aerial Yoga, went Ski BOBing, jet packing, surfing, visited FS private island, went snorkelling, cruised around the Indian ocean on a yacht, went on a sea plane. Every moment in this place was so special and I found myself mulitiple times a day pinching myself if this was real.

Along with being in the most beautiful place in the world, one of the best things about this entire trip was the group of girls I got to share the experience with. Guia, Allegra, Bonnie, Natalie and Maddie. We made some memories that I will remember forever. Thank you to Four Seasons Maldives for the most amazing hospitality. Maldives stands as my favourite place in the world and I can’t wait to come back!

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