My flying must haves

With my work comes a little bit of travel…. Sometimes they’re long international flights and sometimes it’s just a quick day trip to Sydney. As most of you would know, flying can really take its toll on your body. When I fly I always feel dehydrated, uncomfortable, un energised, tired, my skin feels dry and most of the time ill cop a little (or not so little) pimple or two! A big part of my job is making sure my skin is always looking and feeling its best, something which is quite hard to maintain whilst flying! I am not beautician and I am sure everybody’s essentials will differ, but here are my top 5 MUST HAVE flying items.

1.     WATER- it sounds so simple and as soon as you read that, I bet some of you probably thought ‘oh, how original’ but seriously… being hydrated is the most important thing about flying and wanting to feel and look good after. Before a flight I will always drink at least a litre and another minimum another 1- 2litres on the flight. This helps you feel good post flying and also helps your skin look hydrated Ps. I would recommend and aisle seat so you don’t have to keep waking up the person next to you when you need to go the bathroom every 5 minutes!

2.     BIODERMA- this little baby is a god sent. I use Bioderma every day, even when not flying. A little (50ml) bottle from Priceline follows me around wherever I go. I have quite sensitive skin on my face and I am allergic to face wipes/anything that is scented or has alcohol in it so Bioderma Sensibo h20 is my saviour! It acts as a cleanser and makes your skin feel so fresh and hydrated. A few times throughout the flight on my million rest room trips I will take it with me, along with some cotton pads and wipe over my face. I don’t/can’t wear makeup whilst flying as my skin can’t breathe and I find I always end up congested days after so even though I am not wearing makeup, the Bioderma is cleansing the surface of my skin. After cleansing ill pop on some moisturiser and I am good to go! As everyone knows, aeroplanes are FULL of germs and stale air. I always feel so much fresher walking out of the bathroom after doing this! You can purchase Bioderma HERE

3.     COMFORTABLE CLOTHES- this is an absolute must for me. If I am travelling on long haul flights, I always make sure my plane attire is super comfortable and easy to wear. I’ll never forget one time I wore skinny tight jeans and heeled boots on a flight from Mel > London. I arrived with red raw marks all down my legs, sore butt from denim rubbing on my cheeks, swollen ankles and feet that made it SO difficult to walk and literally so swollen I couldn’t even fit my boots back ON. Never again. Planes are cold so you want something covering your legs and then a comfy jumper you can take on and off and you please! I made and designed a pair of pants with this specifically in mind. The fabric is so soft it feels like your wearing your PJs without looking sloppy! Wear runners, I find this really helps with fluid in my feet, I get kankles if I wear anything but runners and socks. No need for leather jackets, heels, makeup! Be comfy, you will be so grateful! You can purchase my pants HERE

4.     A GOOD BOOK/TV SERIES. Something to keep you entertained. I am not much of a reader but when it comes to flying I am right into it. If you have something to keep you entertained time FLIES ;). I am reading a book at the moment called ‘the girl on the train’ 3 hours went by and I didn’t even realise. I always take my laptop and have a few episodes of series I am watching on there and it always makes time go fast. I am a little late to the party but I have just recently got on the candy crush bandwagon, chuck your phone in flight mode and this mentally stimulates me for hours! (after changing the clock all the time after not being able to play from running out of lives)

5.     HEALTHY SNACKS- plane food flat out SUCKS. Unless you’re flying Qantas and your option is the quinoa, pumpkin and rocket salad with pomegranate and yoghurt dressing. But seriously, who can afford to fly Qantas every trip and especially flying internationally. Majority of the time when you’re going overseas the food offered is ‘chicken pie with steamed rice, tuna croissant with maple syrup, fish eggs and asparagus’ or something weird as sh*t that you would never eat but feel obliged to eat because there is NOTHING else. Just don’t. Take some snacks, eat a hearty meal before your flight, or if you can’t resist and your starved chose the freshest option on the menu. Every time I eat plane food, I feel yuck for days, it clogs you up, makes you feel heavy and the worst part, it doesn’t even taste good! Take some fruit, make some protein balls, cut up some carrot/celery and take some hommus, drink water heaps of water to tie you over until you land. Sure you’ve got to be organised but honestly, it is so worth it.


Hope this post can help you in some way! Send me a DIRECT MESSAGE on my Instagram and let me know what you’d like to see for my next post.


B xxx

Brooke Hogan