Kenny Parker

Kenny Parker was a quality, unique and a very proud Australian individual. He was comfortable in his own skin - naturally organic if you like. Our label, Kenny Parker named after our late grandfather, creates and supplies uni sex garments that offer refined styles, with a cut and feel to give the perfect fit. All Kenny Parker products are designed and produced in Melbourne, using 100% Australian organic cotton.

Kenny Parker range is a tribute to the namesake and as founders, his grandchildren, Trent and Brooke Hogan could think of no better name to represent their brand. Established in 2014, our range designed by Trent, will continue to supply strong, stylish and sustainable garments. Kenny Parker's philosophy was 'less is more and simple is best'. We have reflected these ideals into our unique range with outstanding, classic and vintage designs. He lived his life with conviction, love and integrity and these values are the basis of Kenny Parker label. Our range will revolutionise the way you wear a t-shirt. Kenny was the genuine article and so are we.